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Top 10 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Top 10 Foods That Stain Your Teeth


Anyone likes their teeth to be white and shiny. Good dental hygiene is essential for this. However, not everyone knows that there are also some foods and drinks that contribute to having teeth stain and causing cavities, among which we choose 10 of those:

1. Wine

Both red wine and white wine are one of the great enemies of white teeth. Red is undoubtedly the one that causes the most damage to the teeth' aesthetics, given its composition. It attacks it in three ways due to its acidity and the presence of tannins and chromogens. With regular consumption, these three substances together are capable of darkening and transforming gleaming white teeth into slightly purple ones.

2. Coffee

This drink, widely used in the population, is one of those that cause the most damage to the natural coloration of the teeth. This is due to its high concentration of chromogens.

3. Soft drinks, sodas, sugary and energy drinks

Their high sugar content makes them a clear enemy of the teeth in their case, in addition to staining them, it contributes to generating cavities. In turn, various studies have also shown the danger to the enamel of the socalled energy drinks consumed by athletes and young people. The problem with these resides in their high content of acids that cause severe damage to the enamel.

4. Tea

Tannins are very present in this drink, which contributes to the teeth stain. The most harmful variety is black tea. In their case, they give them a yellowish touch. The most dangerous varieties are black and red tea.

5. Fruits and vegetables of intense colour

In this group, we find blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and vegetables, such as beets. In their case, the problem lies in its powerful pigment that adheres to the tooth and is capable of staining it. Also, citrus' acidity, both in juices and in its natural form, can take its toll.

6. Soy sauce and vinegar

Strongly colored sauces such as soy sauce (made up of bleaching agents) or Modena vinegar are also capable of penetrating the enamel and causing teeth stains.

7. Candies

His presence on this list of enemies of enamel and teeth is more than evident. The high amount of colorants and sugars that they usually present cause both damage to the coloration of any teeth and a high risk of cavities.

8. Mouthwash with chlorhexidine

They are not food, but some mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine, an element indicated for inflammation of the gums and after surgeries, and that used continuously can stain the teeth.

9. Tobacco

It is not a food either, but it does pass through our oral cavity and is one of the main causes of teeth stains. Tobacco and its nicotine causes serious damage to tooth enamel.

10. Curry

The spice that is frequently used for these dishes leaves teeth with a yellow or orange hue.


In any case, it is not a question of censoring the intake of this type of food-drink, but rather that readers are aware of its consequences, so moderate consumption is recommended (if you want to maintain a good color of teeth) and it is always recommended carry out a good brushing with toothpaste and mouthwash after ingesting these products in order to reduce their presence and contact and therefore the harmful impact on the enamel. Alternatively, if you are looking for a faster solution to whiten teeth our teeth whitening kit is scientifically proven to whiten teeth up to 10 shades with no sensitivity.

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